You Wanna Know Why?

I’ll tell you why.  Or I’ll let MonsterNoodle explain it:

Keep on loaning to people that can’t afford it, for things that are not worth it. Enough said.

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Thanks for the link.

sure thing…I was tempted to say “because Stone Cold said so”

No worries, help is coming. Yesterday I was verbally approached by a fine member of our local government and it seems that there will be a conference to discuss small business loans to improve historic homes in Knoxville. It is most probable that this will jump-start our local economy.,2682,KNS_24796_5581130,00.html

I have always wondered why tax money goes to small businesses of which I am one. Instead of taking risks with our taxes, wouldn’t it be better use of Knoxville’s empowerment money to send to a company that earns a solid 6-8% every year with virtually no risk. We could call it a city 401k and divvy up all of the proceeds. It would be more money than I see from the Five Points Grocery or ‘Jay’s Historic Home Construction Co.’

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