Introducing BeeFeR

BeeFeR isn’t really a robot. Robots can’t plot and scheme the way BeeFeR can. Also, robots, by nature, are workers–BeeFeR is not. However, the robot pack was the only one on Toonlet that provided a body type that could do BeeFeR justice.

BeeFeR Episode #


BeeFeR Episode #1

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hilarious… in the next “BeeFeR” episode, i’m sure he will try to sell the waitress subprime advertising on a truck.

oh man that’s good. And you nailed the body type.
my favorite beeFeR moment…at the gym…”if you get much bigger, you’re reflection won’t fit in the mirror”

I hope you have time to put together a full length animated series.

I don’t know that dude, but I respect his breakfast choice.

HM, I’m sure BeeFeR would be happy to go to breakfast with you any time…your treat.

Damn billymac, it’s almost like you know the guy. These cartoons are classics and bring back some great memories.

thought wise i never so you cause i was prepared to
blow you of like the west wind.
hope you are going to get me conected with beefers of my
level mother focher.

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