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Parenting for Adults

When (if) my kid(s) decide to go to college as adults, I expect they’ll do some pretty stupid things during the first couple of years and beyond.  To me, making mistakes and dealing with the consequences are important aspects of the learning process; part of acquiring an education.  Luckily, the State of Tennessee now has […]

Live Poker in Chicago (Really Indiana)

Last weekend I was up in Chicago for the finals of the Barclay’s Churchill Cup. Billymac covered most of the trip at his place, so you can get the full run down there–I’ll just concentrate on poker. On Friday, Billymac and I went over to Majestic Star Casino just across the Indiana border to play […]

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Our Own Sour Patch Kid

Earlier tonight we were patting ourselves on the backs over the fact that we realize no matter how sweet the kid can be, she definitely has a mischievous side. Tonight she was being pretty difficult while we were out at dinner, but every time someone would come talk to her and she’d turn on the […]

Drivin’ Like A Maniac Down The Street

I don’t want to say that I never speed, but I very seldom speed–not even within that mythical 5 mph buffer police supposedly give you.  It’s not that I’m worried about getting a ticket, I just don’t get in a hurry that often.  Not saying I’m never late for anything either, but I don’t get […]

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Amazon’s Friday Five Deals For This Weekend

One of the, um, “advantages” of featuring Amazon products on this site is that they email me whenever they have new promotions and good deals.  In a lot of cases, that means I end up spending money I normally wouldn’t have.  To quote the great Patrick Ewing–“Yeah, we make a lot of money, but we […]

This. I Love THIS!

SVD at KtownLowdown is running a contest to produce the best slogan for Knoxville in response to today’s MetroPulse article about KTown being a great place to do nothing.  Win a free t-shirt or bumper sticker just for being a smart ass! KTown is notorious for stealing all the good ideas before I’ve had a […]

Mortgage Aid is a Waste of Money

$300,000,000,000.00 in funds for mortgage aid.  I hope this doesn’t get passed for several reasons.  First of all, it’s such an obvious attempt by both Democrats and Republicans to pander.  This probably wouldn’t be happening were this not an election year. And why does the gov’ment need to do this?  Can’t financial institutions (who are […]

Back When There Was Some Good Music

I’m away (far away) and had to set this post to publish ahead of time. Badass, huh?  Do you remember seeing this video and thinking how cool U2 was?  I was watching a special on VH1 Classic about classic albums and they covered The Joshua Tree.  It was a pretty cool show because they intereviewed […]

Que Rico!

I loves me some Cuban food. No matter how high fuel prices get, we pretty regularly make a trek from our little shack in the Westland Ghetto to Taste of Havana on Tazwell Pike. TOH used to be at Kingston Pike and Lovell Road, but it seems like they made a good decision to change […]

MSM Strategy

AP vs Bloggers, Couch-gate, and _____ coming soon to an outraged corner of the blogosphere some time next week. If a marketer were smart, she’d use this surefire formula to duplicate these incidents.  It’s really a simple process, and it creates buzz and a ton of web traffic. Announce or release something that is sure to piss off […]