Baseball in 2008–meh

I never thought there would come a time when I would care this little about baseball.  The All-Star game is tonight, and I don’t think it’s possible for me to care any less.  Baseball really has no soul left for the most part.  There are a couple of exceptions–a few weeks ago I was in Chicago for Friday’s game between the Cubs and the White Sox.  Cubs tickets are always a hot item, but tickets to this game were going for more than $250.  I had a chance to go, but the price wasn’t worth it, and I opted to go play poker instead.

I did take the train up to Wrigleyville for pregame festivities, and it was so fun being in a city where so many people care so much about baseball.  These were real baseball fans, and the trip up (we took the red line from Sox-35th to Addison) was really fun, just because of the fans and the trash talking.  In contrast, I was in Atlanta for three days before I went to Chi-town, and nobody…NOBODY cares about the Braves.

Apathy–that’s pretty much how I feel about baseball in general.  I just heard that Barry Bonds is irritated that no team wants him, even though he’s willing to play for the league minimum.  While I really don’t care at all, that at least gives me a little joy.  It’s not that I care so much about his juicing, I just don’t like the guy in general, mostly because of his inability to throw out Lonnie Smith–the only man who’s “ass to rest-of-body” ratio is greater than mine–in the 1991 NLCS, costing the Pirates the pennant.

You’ll recall that the Braves went on to perform the first of their many choke jobs that year in the World Series.

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