Let’s Call it Two Million Hundred Dollars

Maybe that would have been an easier PR sell for the UT Athletic Department. Then they’d only be dealing with hundreds of dollars instead of millions. That may be a little easier for people to swallow.

And this facility is used how many times a year? Seven? Let’s be generous and call it ten since the Knoxville Marathon finishes in the stadium and there’s a chance Kenny Chesney may play there. And let’s assume that the investment is stretched out over ten years, or 100 days of use.

That means these upgrades will only cost $2,000,000 for each day they are in service.

“We’re being as careful as we’ve always been to make sure we spend these dollars wisely that Tennessee fans and donors invest,” Currie said.

It must be nice to have money.  I’m just glad it’s not my money they’re spending.

Neyland face-lift: $200M.

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3 Replies to “Let’s Call it Two Million Hundred Dollars”

  1. I know the funding for this “face lift” comes strictly from concession/ticket sales. But, when the University as a whole is having economic trouble, cutting programs, raising tuition(again and again)and a “DEPARTMENT” has an extra $200 million hanging around to do a face lift… Well, that kinda sux!

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