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I Can’t Begin To Thank My Congressman

Because is slammed.  Here’s what I got when I tried to use their site to send my Congressman a thank you for voting against the bailout rescue savior of the economy. Messaging Service Unavailable The House of Representatives is currently experiencing an extraordinarily high amount of email traffic. The Write Your Representative function is therefore […]

Interesting Thought on the Bailout

Read it, or we’ll be facing an insurmountable economic crisis.  Here’s a sampling. Wall Streeters pat themselves on the back all the time for how creative they are financially.  So get creative here.  Create some sort of new entity and have banks contribute toxic mortgages into the entity in exchange for equity.  Find some pension […]

Watching Some CNBC in Prime Time

Mark Cuban was talking about the need for transparency.  He also mentioned that one of the problems that allowed such a large drop today is that the short selling rules are keeping people from hedging their bets and keeping the markets honest.  A couple of nice soundbites too… “Policians don’t want transparency because then they’re […]

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Illogical Markets

From Fast Company: “The idea that the market is always right is a crazy idea. Laissez-faire is over.” Well, until the shit hits the fan, maybe. But it can’t be stopped forever. Here are a few observations I’ve made in my few years… 1) Unregulated markets are illogical, emotional, impulsive, abusive, and reactionary…in the short […]

What To Do When You’ve Dug Yourself a Hole?

Keep digging?  Here’s a clip of Ron Paul addressing Congress this morning on why a bailout is disasterous in the long term.

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Take a Ride on This Dhingy

The biggest cruise liner ever: This cruiser is the first one to boast an authentic grass lawn on its top deck. I’m assuming the purpose of the grass is to keep you from getting a huge lump on your forehead when you smack it onto the top deck when tackling another unsuspecting passenger? Remind me […]

What Was That Guy’s Name Again?

You know…the guy whose family asked Barack Obama to stop wearing their son’s bracelet and using it as a campaign gimmick.  It’s ok…Obama had trouble remembering it the other night too.   HT Shots Across the Bow.

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Two Guys Who Get It

Brazilian President calls the bailout unfair to poor people… “Why give $700 billion to the banks and no money to the poor guys who lost their houses,” Lula asked, according to local media. He referred to the troubled U.S. housing market. I think he’s right, but for the wrong reasons. Poor people shouldn’t be given […]

The Phillip Fulmer Show

I didn’t see much of the game yesterday, but I’m sitting here now enjoying Phil Fulmer’s stoicism on his show. It’s amusing. You know, when you use the phrase “Chad had a fantastic second half”, and Chad is your punter, things can’t be too good on offense. Punters on good teams don’t have the opportunity […]

Country Folks Can Survive

Who has the most to worry about if large financial institutions crash? Is it the people Washington is trying to protect–Wall Street? Who will be hurt the least? Is it the people Washington is trying to stick with the bill–the taxpayer? Somebody told us Wall Street fell, but we was so poor we couldn’t tell. […]