The Phillip Fulmer Show

I didn’t see much of the game yesterday, but I’m sitting here now enjoying Phil Fulmer’s stoicism on his show. It’s amusing. You know, when you use the phrase “Chad had a fantastic second half”, and Chad is your punter, things can’t be too good on offense. Punters on good teams don’t have the opportunity to measure their success by halves.

No matter, this was a defensive battle. It was epic–one for the ages.


And Fulmer remains 7 games away from his guaranteed contract extension. That reminds me, there are some guys locally who’ve designed a t-shirt in honor of this beautifully negotiated deal. It’s the Coacho Ocho limited edition T.

Eight is enough to line your pockets with dough!

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I somehow missed the eight is enough thing with Phul Fillmer. So I had to google “eight is enough fulmer.” The first entry was this one from I almost felt like I knew a legitimate a lister.

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