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Happy Halloween!

Have fun trick-r-treatin’ if you’re not too big of a pollito to go out.


“Republicans.  That’s what scares people nowadays.  That and…Democrats.” -Todd Snider No more political posts from me until next Wednesday. Next Wednesday we can start talking about what we can do to try and fix things the next time around. For now, there’s too much tension, I’m over it. Enjoy this song. If you don’t already […]

Business Fail Because of Banks and Credit Card Companies? C’mon.

I normally wouldn’t comment on a situation like Cindy Fairless Lay’s.  She is closing her privately owned business here locally, and that’s none of my business.  However, Ms. Lay wrote a guest column for the KNS (related article) today in which she explains why her business is closing.  In doing so, she’s put herself out there, […]

Obama Assassination Planners Tennesseans?

The News Sentinel is reporting that a plot to Assassinate Barack Obama and murder over 100 people at a Tennessee high school has been busted up. There aren’t many details yet, only that it was a “murder spree” that was to happen in Tennessee and was being hatched by a couple of neo-Nazi skinheads. H/T […]

Is Fulmer Gone For Real Now?

Tony Basilio is reporting on the air that University of Tennessee Athletic Director Mike Hamilton has requested a meeting with Jimmy Sexton, who is Phil Fulmer’s agent. This apparently signals an official move to end the Phil Fulmer error era at UT. According to Basilio, neither camp is going to confirm this, at least not […]

INTJ — Myers Briggs For Idiots, Or at Least Me

  I took the Myers-Briggs personality test my freshman year of college, but I don’t remember what I was. I’m pretty sure that my personality has evolved in some areas since then. The other day on Twitter @eeUS was asking for people’s types, and I took this quick test to find out what I am. […]

Tennessee Football–What I’d Do

Actually, it’s what I’d do in just about any situation. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about football at all. I mean, I played for 10 years, but most of the teams I played on weren’t very good, so it’s safe to assume that most of what I learned was wrong […]

Do You Have REAL Game?

There’s really only one way to tell. Gain a bunch of weight, sit on a stool, sing a song that expresses your desire to take an old gray haired woman in curlers and “lay her down.” If you do these things and have chicks screaming, you have Conway Twitty level game. If you don’t want […]

Our Own Hot Coffee Lawsuit

It looks like the little town of Knoxville has finally arrived.  We’ve got a hot coffee lawsuit on our hands.  That’s not a hot lawsuit about coffee, it’s a lawsuit over hot coffee. The lawsuit alleges that the 23-year-old Triplett drove to a Starbucks on Kingston Pike on July 13 and bought coffee via the […]

New Digs

    Big changes here, obviously.  I have a lot of other changes planned as well, but will phase them in gradually.  Some things remain the same though–bad writing, lame attempts at humor, and uninformed opinions remain. Basically I’d hacked the other theme up to the point that something had to be done.  I’m not […]