Here’s What I’m Trying to Say

Here are ten phrases and terms I’d like to work into my daily conversation arsenal:

  1. My sources are telling me
  2. The biggest no-brainer in the history of earth
  3. Working like heck
  4. Boondoggle
  5. Let’s break this down
  6. Change
  7. That’s a good point
  8. My old lady
  9. I don’t think you understand your question
  10. Not guilty

There are plenty of others, but this is a good list to start with.  If I can work one or two in on a regular basis I’m sure to annoy friends and law enforcement regularly.


SVD takes it to the next level.  He works the whole list into one diatribe.

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11 Replies to “Here’s What I’m Trying to Say”

  1. I figured you would add:

    “Parts unknown”

    I’m working on these phrases personally:

    “Obviously you’re an idiot”
    “Obviously I’m an idiot”
    “are you stupid?”
    “am I stupid?”
    you get the picture…

  2. @billymac I’ve overused “parts unknown” for my “location” or “hometown” field on countless websites. Plus Commissioner Nick Bockwinkle has banned me from using the word.

    That’s a good one, along with “dumbfoundation”. For example, “I watch the play calling, and it’s utter dumbfoundation on my part.”

  3. Personally I’ve been trying to bring “jive” back, but in all honesty it really hasn’t caught on… You know, like…

    “That’s jive!”

    “You’re jive!”

    “Stop jivin’ me!”

    That… and “Gay Rod”

  4. Nice list. I think you might need: “You’re obviously an elitist from the Northeast.” and “You’re obviously an ultra-conservative redneck.”, maybe more of the latter.

  5. @Just Sayin It probably isn’t coming back because you are such a jive turkey.

    @Hungry Mother you’re heading to the greener pastures of the South soon, right? You should try that while you’re here. My sources are telling me that it will be a boondoggle.

  6. All those could be improved drastically simply by adding “you know what I’m sayin?” to the end of the sentence.

    Oh, and make sure you “keep it real”… That’s one of my favorites.

  7. Don’t forget the ever popular and annoying, “It is what it is” as well as “and by that, I mean….”

  8. How about “I’ll be up there as soon as my brother gets off.” Or is that too much for you because of your liberal use of “huh.”

  9. @tch yep…next is a list of things I’m trying to stop saying. “Huh” is at the top.

    @aingle “It is what it is” is the worst saying ever, especially when uttered by Jim Rome.

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