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My Kind of Change

These are actually pretty fitting…”more of the same”. Making change actually sounds like a better business model than printing and giving away money.

A Last Ditch Plea on The Porkulus

Dear Mr. Obama, Before you sign this bill, can we please make sure we’ve exhausted all other efforts to avoid catastrophe? I mean, I don’t think I’m an economist, but I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is you are either. I just want to make sure you’ve done everything you can do. Have you considered, I […]

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Not Available Without A Prescription, Err…Lobbyist

This even trumps Viva Viagra.

Acting Like You’re Stupid People

Wearing your ‘spensive clothes. You all everybody. You all everybody. You all everybody.

Blog Commenters UNITE!

The announcement of this new left-leaning blog made me wonder something… When left-leaning blogs and websites show advertising, what happens to the money?  I mean, a blog is nothing without its readers, just like a company is nothing without its workforce, right? Is the money left over after operational costs are paid dispersed evenly amongst […]

Back by Popular Demand

Actually no demand at all, but I’ve added the poll back onto the site.  I don’t think anyone missed it, or if they did I didn’t hear about it.  But, as Say Uncle says, “Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.”  I think he only says that because “Powered by Spite” was taken. […]

Thank You Veterans!

That’s not really enough to show my appreciation for the job that you guys do. The best I can do is share one of my favorite stories my grandfather wrote down for us. I’ve posted a couple of things he wrote before in different contexts. This is a short one about two “feasts” he had […]

Here’s What I’m Trying to Say

Here are ten phrases and terms I’d like to work into my daily conversation arsenal: My sources are telling me The biggest no-brainer in the history of earth Working like heck Boondoggle Let’s break this down Change That’s a good point My old lady I don’t think you understand your question Not guilty There are […]

Stock Market Realization

I just realized last night why the ol’ gov’ment is so concerned about the stock market’s behavior over the last couple of weeks–they are afraid of competition.  I’m not talking about competition among business operating in an free market.  I’m talking about the free market’s competition with the gov’ment. Up until now, the only way […]

Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta

Or a Senator.  Or an investment banker.  Some levity is needed.  I took the liberty of posting the censored version so you can be liberal with the volume at work. All I gotta say to you wanna-be, gonna-be, bailout-backin’, pork-packin’ prankstas–when the Ѕңїτ jumps off what the ╒ủČК you gonna do? Damn it feels good […]