Paying it Forward With a Book

So this is really cool…

I pre-ordered Seth Godin‘s new book Tribes through Amazon. It’s not supposed to come out until October 16th, but I received the book in the mail today. Odd.

Folded inside the book was a letter thanking me for pre-ordering his book on faith. This book, the one I received today, is an advanced copy. I’ll still be receiving the one I ordered when the book is officially released, and Seth would like for me to give that copy to someone in my Tribe, or at least someone I want to be in my Tribe. What a brilliant idea, and what a great way to say thanks.

So it’s up for grabs! You don’t have to put a bone through your nose or get tattoos on your face to be in my Tribe (although you’ll get bonus points), just leave a comment or write a post that links here from your blog letting me know you would like the book. I’ll choose to give it to someone based on nothing more than my own judgment and, of course, spite where applicable.

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12 Replies to “Paying it Forward With a Book”

  1. I’ll make you a deal … I will read your Tribes, whether I get this particular copy or not, if you will read this “Tribes” … you’ll be glad you did. (Read the rest of his essays too, under “Silent America” on the main page of his site.

  2. As a beachcomber, I don’t follow much in the world of business, but the concept seems interesting. My tribes lately seem to include a bunch of people using walkers and electric wheelchairs.

  3. I’d love to have the book!

    How’d I get here? I was reading “Everyone” on Twitter, and I saw your reply to someone about Seth commenting on your blog. I’m a Seth Godin fan, so I went to that person’s Twitter feed and read the original tweet. Then I went back to your profile and found the link to this blog. So I lucked out! Wait, no. I just read Seth’s latest blog. Er, I worked really hard to get to this place, and I earned the opportunity to get the book. Yeah, that’s it.

    Anyway, thanks to you and also to Seth.

  4. I’ll get it for myself, but I definitely think that giving it to Seth would not be paying it forward, but rather backward…that’s just silly. Give it to the Karen girl. She sounds like she deserves it. I think I still have the last book you gave me..:/ oops…did i say that out loud?

  5. Ok. As much as I’d like to spite Rob and his wishes to give the book to Karen…

    I’m giving the book to Karen. Here’s why…

    I’m giving it to Karen because I don’t know her. I’ve never sat at a table and laughed about something with her. We’ve never even met. She’s never commented here before, and in fact has never visited here before. She just happened to find this post through Twitter, and she doesn’t even follow me there.

    In short, her complete lack of association with me makes her the most deserving. 🙂 But wait, there’s more….

    I’m going to make sure that everyone else that wants to read the book gets their chance. @TVD, I’ll get it to you first as a loaner. From there it will go to @LissaKay, @Hungry Mother, and lastly @Rob. As he noted, he doesn’t read or return books I give him–he’s a literal literary black hole.

    As @seth godin said, he’s already read it. However, I’m extremely honored that he took the time to read my post and leave a comment.

    Thanks Seth, for all that you do. And again, if you guys aren’t reading his blog, let me once again recommend it.

  6. Sweet! Thank you, Scott. I’m so glad I’ve never met you! (You too, Rob.) I promise to share the book and keep paying it forward.

  7. I don’t have time to read books. Stocking up on ammunition and firewood for the impending depression.

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