Twittering and Running

There’s a group of Knoxville Twitterish types gearing up to run the Jingle Bell 5k here in Knoxville on December 13. Brandon over at Knoxify has more information, including team name and link to sign up. Oh wait, I can give you that here.

Come on out and run with us while you can still beat me. I’m making a comeback, this is my only race of 2008, and then it is ON in ’09.

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But are you twittering while running? I might join then.

Yes. 🙂

I love races like that, but I’m otherwise occupied. I’m looking to improve my 5K time in 2009 from ultra slow to slow.

The people I was bragging about beating are in the 10 and under category. You’re safe.

Well shoot… I’m going to be in Orlando so I’ll miss it. Guess I’ll have to wait and take on the new, faster you in ’09! Good luck to all the Twitmastwees!!

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