Firefox 3 Running Well

Firefox.  Yeah.I’ve been using the beta 5 version of Firefox 3 all day today, and I must say that I can tell a pretty big difference in speed between it and Firefox 2.x.  I always suspected knew there were (a few hundred) memory leaks somewhere in Firefox 2, but I’m still not sure if most of those were in the browser itself or in one of the extensions I was using.  So far I’m running version 3 without any extensions, but I’ve been running it since this morning with no slowdowns, lockups, or crashes.

Of course, I’ll have more to say when Firefox 3 is officially released, but you could always install
. It’s free, and that way you’ll be automatically notified the instant version 3 is officially released, right?  I mean, for all of its minor issues version 2 of Firefox is still far superior to Internet Explorer.

Test Driving Flock

Is anyone else using Flock exclusively yet? I downloaded it after I saw an ad for it (I can’t remember where) and checked it out. It looks a little smoother and full-featured than Firefox, but I haven’t really hooked in all of my social networking accounts and really tested it out yet. There’s a pretty good writeup about it on that makes me want to try it again when I have the time to really use it. I haven’t seen enough personally to convert, but there are some pretty cool features described there.

If you’ve tested it, what’s your favorite feature? Is there anything there that I can’t do with Opera or Firefox by using plugins?