Test Driving Flock

Is anyone else using Flock exclusively yet? I downloaded it after I saw an ad for it (I can’t remember where) and checked it out. It looks a little smoother and full-featured than Firefox, but I haven’t really hooked in all of my social networking accounts and really tested it out yet. There’s a pretty good writeup about it on linux.com that makes me want to try it again when I have the time to really use it. I haven’t seen enough personally to convert, but there are some pretty cool features described there.

If you’ve tested it, what’s your favorite feature? Is there anything there that I can’t do with Opera or Firefox by using plugins?

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2 Replies to “Test Driving Flock”

  1. I’ve been using it since yesterday, and I think you’re right…it’s pretty much like Firefox. I haven’t found much use for the social networking features that articled discussed, but it could be because I’m not that social. It may also have something to do with the fact that I’m on a laptop most of the time and don’t have space for a sidebar?

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