Eaton Beavers

I was telling some guys I work with about how my blog traffic was recently affected by the Barbie Cummings story, and we started talking about funny porn names.  I was telling them about some guys I knew in college who either made up funny names or just had funny nicknames and the funny stories associated with these guys.  They thought the stuff was pretty good and worthy of posting, so here is the first installment…the story of Eaton Beavers.

I was hanging out with my buddy Burgers one night in ’98 or ’99 and was watching some TV while he was changing clothes to go out.  This was back before cell phones, and Burgers was one of those fancy boys who had to have caller I.D.  Believe it or not, this story isn’t even about Burgers (I’ve got plenty more on him), I just happened to be at his house when the phone rang.

Burgers yelled out from the other room for me to see who it was on the caller I.D.  The screen said, “Beavers, Eaton”….Eaton Beavers was calling Burgers.  Of course I started laughing and told him that Eaton Beavers was calling him.  He told me that was actually another friend of ours, Halfacre (real last name).

Halfacre had used a fake French accent when he got his phone connected and told the lady his name was Eaton Beavers.  It was even listed in the phone book that way.

Venezuela, Can We Have Your Soap Opera Stars?

Isn’t it ironic that celebrities and “big media” news anchors in Venezuela are leading movements against a socialist regime, while a large number of the same crown in the U.S. seem to be encouraging movement towards socialism and governmental regulation?

Soap opera stars leading a march may not sound like a big deal, but soap stars in South America are the equivalent to movie stars here.

From Reuters:

Waving flags with the logo of RCTV, demonstrators packed the streets of the capital where news anchors and soap opera stars slammed the imminent closure of the opposition channel.

Education and Money Produce Terrorists

At least it produces more successful ones.

There is enough moral, psychological and sometimes financial payoff from the act of killing many people to offset the economic loss of their death. Therefore, the terrorist manager assigns the most deadly tasks to the highest-caliber people; otherwise, they will not bother. In an awful way, it makes sense, and it seems to be true. Caught and failed suicide bombers are conspicuously less educated than those who carry out their tasks.

The point of the article is that poverty doesn’t drive terrorism.  I’d have to agree with that, but I think it is pretty accurate to say that terrorism is driven by money.  I’m sure that most of the people who do the killing and dying are not motivated by money, but the people at the top almost assuredly are.  Religion is an easy sell to the masses to motivate them to do their bidding.

Why Competition and Free Markets Benefit Everyone–Professional Wrestling

Huh? Think professional wrestling has nothing to do with legitimate competition? Read on…

I’m proud to admit that I’m a big fan of professional wrestling. I have been since I was a kid. Back then, when I thought it was real, I was drawn in by the characters, the storylines, the drama, and the suspense. Now that I’m all grown up and I’m wise to the game, I love it for the exact same reasons. The only difference now is that I seldom watch the matches anymore. Thanks to TiVo, I’m able to forward through them in order to get to the interviews and trash-talking. As I said, the characters and the storylines are what make it great for me. Continue reading “Why Competition and Free Markets Benefit Everyone–Professional Wrestling”