A Car, A Washer/Dryer, and Air Conditioning

No, this isn’t a Johnny Carson Carnac skit.  And yes, I’m old enough to remember Carnac, even though I didn’t get it. These are the first three items that are considered to be necessities by Pew Research Center. You know what that means–it’s just a matter of time before everyone has a “right” to these […]

Acting Like You’re Stupid People

Wearing your ‘spensive clothes. You all everybody. You all everybody. You all everybody.

Best Part of the Olympics So Far…

Bela Karolyi This guy is fired up and candid. I love watching Bob Costas throw out a chum of a question and seeing Bela Karolyi attack. I heard today that there are rumors he has been banned from the gymnastics arena in Beijing. I’m not sure if that’s true–it may be that he’s happy sit […]

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BaDoop BaDooping The Olympics

“Badoop Badoop it!” That’s heard commonly at our house if the television is on. It’s code for using the fast forward feature on the DVR. Ours doesn’t make that sound, but the TiVo does, and it’s more fun to say than “fast forward”. I can’t wait to badoob badoop the Olympics. Why? Because if I […]

Me Fit? Maybe Not. How About Wii Fit?

So the other night I was watching Chelsea Handler and she had Tina Yothers on. You know, the girl from Family Ties who wasn’t Mallory? Anyway, she was pretty hard core about being on Celebrity Fit Club, and seemed like a pretty cool woman, so the next time I saw Celebrity Fit Club was on […]

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Write It All Off

Kramer: They just write it off. Jerry: You don’t even know what a write off is, do you? Kramer: Do you? Jerry: No, I don’t. Kramer. Well they do, and they’re the ones writing it off. Jerry: I wish I had the last 20 seconds of my life back. HT to Auramae via Twitter for […]

WWE Does Something Really Classy

I’ve pretty much stopped watching wrasslin’, mostly due to the great Hornswaggle debacle of 2007. But I tuned in tonight to find out what happened at Wrestlemania. I was surprised to find out that Ric Flair was retiring. Just an angle? I thought so, but now I don’t. At the end of the show, Flair […]

5 Reasons Bret Michaels is the Lamest “Rock Star” Ever

I remember when Poison was really popular and I thought they were stupid. Mostly it was because I was a music snob back then, but a lot of it had to do with the fact that they just sucked. Now we have Rock Of Love, and honestly, I can think of 5 people I know […]

Jitterbug Cell Phone For Older People…Seriously?

I get the fact that there is a big demographic of seniors that may not be reached by the majority of mobile phone services. But I don’t think this commercial sends that message. To me, this is borderline insulting to older people. Watch it first, and let me know what impression it makes on you. […]

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A Great Story Opportunity

A while back, I wrote a post about a few advantages newspapers have in the market and how they could use them to remain relevant. Using these assets–excellent writing, investigative journalism, and local marketplace branding–newspapers can give us something no one else can. Today in the KNS, at least on their web site, there is […]