Best Part of the Olympics So Far…

Bela Karolyi

This guy is fired up and candid. I love watching Bob Costas throw out a chum of a question and seeing Bela Karolyi attack. I heard today that there are rumors he has been banned from the gymnastics arena in Beijing. I’m not sure if that’s true–it may be that he’s happy sit in the studio with Costas sipping lemonade and cashing fat checks–but if it is true, the viewing public is the real winner.

Outspoken guys with accents and bad tempers always make for great TV.

And who cares how old a competitor is? If the goal is to find out who is best, age shouldn’t matter.

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2 Replies to “Best Part of the Olympics So Far…”

  1. I have to agree with you. The best is the best regardless of age. Greg Norman wasn’t in a different age group at the British Open and it was Luke Skywalker, not ol’ man Kenobi, who blew up them’s Death Star.
    With this in mind, I announce my intent to win the belt at Sensei Cooter’s Judo and Sno-Cone stand in North Knoxville. 8 Year old’s, its about to get real.

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