You Are Aware Of An Invention Called Television?

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My Kind of Change

These are actually pretty fitting…”more of the same”. Making change actually sounds like a better business model than printing and giving away money.

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Unfadeable. So Please Don’t Try to Fade This

Geitner–fail. GM–fail. G20–fail. I really hope it’s just a G Thang. Fodder for Geel Good Friday. If you didn’t understand the video, here’s an explanation…

Party Registration in TN For Primaries?

I love watching Real World/Road Rules Challenges on MTV. The Gauntlet? The Inferno? Awesome. All that strategizing to pick off the other team’s weakest or strongest players, throwing challenges to get a teammate eliminated, scandalous hook-ups, stupid decisions fueled by an endless supply of alcohol. It’s just like politics. And you always have two groups […]

Why I Don’t Watch Pro Football

Jack Lambert retired.

A Car, A Washer/Dryer, and Air Conditioning

No, this isn’t a Johnny Carson Carnac skit.  And yes, I’m old enough to remember Carnac, even though I didn’t get it. These are the first three items that are considered to be necessities by Pew Research Center. You know what that means–it’s just a matter of time before everyone has a “right” to these […]

Change The Duke Boys Can Believe In

Change. It’s a simple word. But it means different things to different people. To me, “change” sort of implies something is different. “Change” is powerful. It can alter the course of history. It could even turn a television show on its ear if given the chance. Did you ever watch the Dukes of Hazzard? What […]

Acting Like You’re Stupid People

Wearing your ‘spensive clothes. You all everybody. You all everybody. You all everybody.

The End of Silence

I promised some people I’d let them have their day yesterday and give it a rest until after the inauguration.  Well, the inauguration is over. Some thoughts… The Hollywood movie that was the nomination process and the general election are over too. Back to the real world. All of the people who were afraid of […]

Menstrual Cup? Wow.

I was watching the Sundance Channel a little earlier and there was a show on about Green living. One of the women on the show was at a Tupperware type party and the women were all buying menstural cups. I had no idea such a thing existed. As a man, it’s not really my business […]

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Fireworks In Store at Democratic Convention?

I really think there may be some fireworks at the Democratic Convention.  As tenacious as Bill Clinton is, Hillary is even more of a pit bull.  They are going to go down swinging for sure. I’m not sure if it is at all possible for her to walk out of there with the nomination, but […]