Is There Any Choice Other Than The Free Market?

I’ll take any motherfucker’s money if they’re giving it away.”
–Clay Davis

One of the biggest arguments I read against allowing the market to solve problems like health care and fuel costs is that the market simply can’t do it. Why not?

The argument goes that these businesses, along with the pharmaceutical companies, are basically government supported monopolies. They’ve been allowed to run roughshod over the consumer, charging outrageous prices and raking in cash left and right while the average person suffers from their oppression. How did this happen?

Reelect Clay DavisThe argument goes that politicians are bought and paid for by these companies. They have highly paid lobbyists who influence legislation that allows their industries to thrive, and they have friends in high places that are former board members and/or holders of large portions of their stocks.

According to the argument, the government, politicians, regulatory commissions, and entire bureaucracies are basically extensions of these powerful corporations and are nothing more than puppets held by Wall Street strings. It’s actually a pretty convincing argument, and from what I’ve seen recently seems pretty reasonable.

Now let me get this straight–the solutions to these problems lie in government? According to the argument, isn’t that the cause of the problem to begin with?

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3 Replies to “Is There Any Choice Other Than The Free Market?”

  1. thought provoking…and that my friend is their plan…double speak, distract, spin and manipulate their way out of every strike they make at us. New World Order vs. The People….who will stand victorious in the near future???? Have you jumped in the fight yet?

  2. exactly why i’m not convinced in a free market… i unfortunately understand how corporations work, and have a bit of a taste with the relationship between the government and coroporations, it it pretty f-in messy, and you feel like you need to take a shower a lot.

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