Menstrual Cup? Wow.

I was watching the Sundance Channel a little earlier and there was a show on about Green living. One of the women on the show was at a Tupperware type party and the women were all buying menstural cups.

I had no idea such a thing existed. As a man, it’s not really my business to know, but I had no idea. I’d think a woman would have to be pretty convinced that it’s her fault the earth is in shambles to go this route in the name of saving the world. Wouldn’t this increase the chance of infections and just, I don’t know, overall feeling of not being happy once a month?

Luckily I found ABC Family soon after this show went off. I’m watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang right now, and The Sound of Music is coming on later. I’m much more comfortable with these programs.

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As I called my uterus Edna and had an Ednaectomy, I’m pleased I don’t have to know this.

I’d take Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang any day over a menstrual cup… Yuck!!!

I… don’t… under…stand…??!! GAHH

To be fair, I did get an email from one person who has been using one for four months…no infections yet.

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