Fire Fulmer! Redux

Here that?  That’s the muffled sound of cars running in closed garages all over East Tennessee.  There are big problems in the area.  Well, big problems unless you advertise on sports radio here and want your ad heard in between the “Fire Fulmer” calls.  It seems like I wrote this exact post exactly one year ago.  Oh yeah, I did.

After the stats about how long it’s been since the Vols won an SEC Championship, coasting since 1998, and how good Florida is every year, we’ll be asked that age old question…

“When are we gonna get somebody in here that can get it done?”

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18 Replies to “Fire Fulmer! Redux”

  1. @newscoma It really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. I just enjoy listening to everybody on sports talk radio lose their minds.

  2. As much as I am in total agreement, I can’t help but wonder what else is behind this ongoing, year after year, predictable game scenario that has blighted this University for so many years.

    I grew up in this town, my Dad had season tickets, and I used to love going to the games at an early age. Enjoying the whole football experience, from the thrill of catching one of the miniature footballs thrown out sporadically throughout the game, to the never changing taste of stadium hot dogs, cokes and peanuts, to the Saturday afternoon ballgame atmosphere…it is all so vivid and pleasing to the memory senses, but what is not so pleasing and what has caused this previous Vol fan to give up and even hesitate to allow his son’s to experience, is the never-ending, always predictable outcomes year after year after year….from Bill Battle, to Johnny Majors, up to Phil Fulmer, it has never changed, and is sooo pathetic. I told my son half way through last nights game when the Vols were in the lead, how the game would end, and I didn’t stay up to watch yet another fall, but he did. What is sad is that he will be a true volunteer this Spring, and still nothing has changed. I have believed for years that it must have something to do with the Administration rather than the Coaching, since the same outcome has come about with different coaches and athletes over the years…Quien sabe?

  3. @Rob

    Just heard on Tony Basilio–“We might as well bring out Dick Van Patten and Willie Ames, because it looks like the theme of this season is ‘Eight is Enough'”.

  4. i dunno, maybe some of the time and energy devoted to bitching about the football team can be diverted into making the school better? wait a second, nevermind… we should fire fulmer and give the job to pat summitt, she knows how to win. GO VOLS!

  5. Same ole same ole I think 7-8 wins is realistic probably 7. They are gonna leave him as coach until he breaks Bob Neyland”s record in a couple of years. I am to the point I don”t care anymore. As long as 108,000 people show up and they are on television 8-10 times a year nothing will change. They need to fire Mike Hamilton too.

  6. I say fire the naysayers as Tennessee fans. You get handle losing and decide to give up instead of fighting. If a man can not handle defeat with more effort then that man needs to be fired. Fulmer is not that type. If he fails with effort he will know and quit. I do not see that. I do see those shallow hearted so-called FANnatics wanting to quit. Fire them.

  7. Lizard your an idiot! I say take away Fat-so’s KrispyKreme stock and boot that tub-a-lard & Mike Hamilton out of Knoxville! It is time to clean house!

    UTK Class of 2000

  8. I wonder if all football fans could be idiots. I am one to never fire someone on the spot for one job mistake during a review period. Yes I am a manager. I am sure I do not like the status of Tennessee FB myself. Who does when you lose. My dislike is traumatic especially when there are words afterward to tear down instead of build up. As it was with Ron Zook and Mike Shula major programs will CAN coaches/ADs for a bad atmosphere in the athletics. In that case those ‘FIRE the COACH’ attitudes will eventually effect the teams and that agenda will win. When that day comes I will probably say hey the it is time and concede. Be careful for what you wish for you just might get it all. If you are tired of what you think is mediocrity then do not let the doors of Neyland hit you in the XXX on your way out.

  9. Keep Fulmer! The reckoning has started. A collection of his hide isn’t complete. Fatboy must stay until his butt is gone. ROLL TIDE ROLL. Please Keep Him.

  10. I believe it is the problem with the players off the field and how Coach Fulmer has handled those isues that bother me more than the losing. However the two seem to be linked. Loosing to a group of Junior College transfers and freshman (UCLA)bothers me, that coupled with the poor behavior of the players tell me that the parents as well as the coach should be removed from UT events. stop giving out tickets and stop recruiting kids from all over the poor areas of the US. Especially if they do not relfect the behavior Tennesseans expect from our athletes. They were heartless against Cal and lazy against UCLA.

  11. UT lost to UCLA who lost to BYU 59 – 0. Do not Fire Fat Phil. Please Keep him. The Circus and laughter have just began. The Reckoning is upon you Phil Fulmer. You Reap what you Sow. So welcome to hell Fatboy. I personally hope you stay and a collection is removed from you for you lying and backstabbing.

  12. Well, it has been another dismal showing from my Vols. Why in the world would they go for 2 when our QB stinks?? Not only should Fulmer be fired, his whole coaching staff should go especially the “new’ offensive coordinator. He makes Fulmer look like a liberal coach. The next few weeks are going to be a blood bath.

  13. I have not been the one to ask for Fulmer’s head and I have never been one to give up on a season….but….it is time. Fulmer has won many games…with great players in the 90’s and good players in this decade…but, it’s time. It’s time for change, it’s time for new leadership, it’s time for Fulmer to retire. It is scary to think what this program would do with new leadership at the top.

  14. Lets take a look at Fulmer’s performance without Cutcliffe. I know that coaches can not control everything that occurrs on and off the field, but give me a break. I know that anyone in any sort of management is responsible for the performance of their team (associates). I know that it would be a leap of faith exploring new head coaches, but I think it is time. I will take a loss without compaining if we could just go in and actually compete. I sincerely think this program needs to clean house.

  15. forget his record against Meyer, Richt, and Saban. forget that colquitt was on his 5th brush with the law and left the scene of a hit and run and got only a 5 game suspension, forget that two years ago in the gator game, our punter actually threw a pass from his own 25! forget that ucla beat us with their 3rd qb and their 3rd te with 8 yard seams over and over and over, forget that it took us like 5 hours to beat kentucky, forget that in the ucla game, the play in which the punt got blocked, we only had about 6 guys in formation to block at the point of attack. I could write several pages. Sloppy football, sloppy coaching, average talent is now brimming to the top as we don’t have anybody outside of maybe Berry who would be on the 2nd team at FL or LSU, let alone start. ALL of the above is on one coach. It will get worse because now we’re having multiple lack of character penalties in games. You either have character or you are one. you watch the Auburn game and decide which is the case now.

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