Jerry Reed 1937-2008

This is a sad day for me.  Jerry Reed was the first musician I really connected with as a kid.  I wore the Live From Exit-In album out.  I mean, son, I Wore. It. Out.

When I was a kid I liked him because he was funny and charismatic, and I loved him as Snowman in Smoky and the Bandit.  But when I got older and started playing guitar I became a true fan.  The guy was a real genius, and a lot of people don’t really know just how great a musician he was and how many great songs he wrote (“Guitar Man”–Elvis, “Thing Called Love”–Johnny Cash).

And I’ll tell you folks about the way I feel

Too lazy to work and too scared to steal

B’sides pickin’ and singin’s all I ever done that’s ever been worth a damn!

Son!  Thank you Jerry Reed for being you all of those years.  East Bound and Down!!!

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I was never fortunate enough to meet Jerry, but I had always wanted to right from when I first became a fan as an 8 year old kid in the United kingdom.

I first saw him as the Snowman, and he became my idol. As I grew up, I collected all of his films, I got all of his music. I followed him closely in the media when the internet was born.

He was a very inspirational character, and although I never got to meet him. I feel like I really do know him personally. His voice, and things that he used to say will always be inside me forever.

Jerry, I don’t doubt that you ain’t playing that Golden Guitair up there with your old pal Chet right now. All the best good buddy.

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