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Sometimes it only takes one word for you to know exactly what you are gonna get. It reminds me of a story… I went to see a Credence Clearwater Revival tribute band with my buddy Half once. In between sets one of the band members was standing near us at the bar, and Half struck […]

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Unfadeable. So Please Don’t Try to Fade This

Geitner–fail. GM–fail. G20–fail. I really hope it’s just a G Thang. Fodder for Geel Good Friday. If you didn’t understand the video, here’s an explanation…

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Honky Tonk Heroes

Waylon Jennings and Billy Joe Shaver are two of mine. This story told by Billy Joe pretty much explains why.

My Favorite Cock Fighting Song

You read that right.  I have a favorite song about cock fighting. There was a time when the only Spanish words I knew were “hola”, “gallo”, “del”, “cielo”, and “borracho” .  That means half of my vocabulary was a direct result of listening to this song. Now I know all kinds of new words and phrases […]

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“Daincin’ to an Old Buck Owens Sawng”

I’m resting my mind fingers to get ready for a barrage of posts beginning tomorrow night. As soon as a winner is declared I’m gonna turn it on, turn it up, and turn it loose. For now, enjoy this Dwight Yoakam video from 1990. It features something for everyone: Dwight Yoakam for the ladies, and […]


“Republicans.  That’s what scares people nowadays.  That and…Democrats.” -Todd Snider No more political posts from me until next Wednesday. Next Wednesday we can start talking about what we can do to try and fix things the next time around. For now, there’s too much tension, I’m over it. Enjoy this song. If you don’t already […]

Do You Have REAL Game?

There’s really only one way to tell. Gain a bunch of weight, sit on a stool, sing a song that expresses your desire to take an old gray haired woman in curlers and “lay her down.” If you do these things and have chicks screaming, you have Conway Twitty level game. If you don’t want […]

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I Don’t Feel Like Writing

But these people do.  So go read their posts. LissaKay on how socialism works.  Notice the guy at the top pays the same amount either way. BillyMac has fun playing with John McCain’s tongue.  Strange fetish. Why Libertarians and true conservatives don’t win elections.  Duh. Seth Godin writes a post about me–too small to fail. […]

Feelin’ Good Again

It’s good when you go on vacation to get away and not think about stupid stuff for a few days.  Of course, if you’re like me, you spend those vacation days thinking about stupid stuff anyway, but it’s different stupid stuff than you think about when you aren’t on vacation.  This vacation was especially good […]

Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta

Or a Senator.  Or an investment banker.  Some levity is needed.  I took the liberty of posting the censored version so you can be liberal with the volume at work. All I gotta say to you wanna-be, gonna-be, bailout-backin’, pork-packin’ prankstas–when the Ѕңїτ jumps off what the ╒ủČК you gonna do? Damn it feels good […]