Sometimes it only takes one word for you to know exactly what you are gonna get.

It reminds me of a story…

I went to see a Credence Clearwater Revival tribute band with my buddy Half once. In between sets one of the band members was standing near us at the bar, and Half struck up a conversation with him that went something like this:

Half: When ya’ll gonna play “Lodi”?

The Guy: We don’t play “Lodi”.

Half: *with full contempt*  If you don’t play “Lodi” you ain’t no damn CCR tribute band!

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2 Replies to “Fogerty”

  1. I would like to suggest a “Halfacre Scale”. This would rank people, 1 through 10 (10 being the highest), on the percentage of anecdotal material that can be pulled out of a subject’s total conversation.
    For instance, if I were to talk with you for one hour and you were then able to pull two entertaining, first-person stories out of that conversation, I would score 7 on the Halfacre scale.
    My point is that I know Halfacre (and have for several years) and yet I have heard more stories ABOUT what Halfacre has said than I have actually heard come from the man’s mouth.
    That is how you get a scale named after you.

  2. Schwartz could you also please construct a Rooster Quote Index. The basis being words that do not appear in any language, and/or profanity laced rants. Thanks in advance.

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