Life Changing Event Today

I played Rock Band.

Yeah, I’m old…didn’t even know this game existed, or didn’t pay attention when I saw something about it. Either way, this game rocks. I’ve never understood Guitar Hero. Even my buddy who introduced me to Rock Band says Guitar Hero is boring. I can play a little bit, so it never made sense to get a game to fake play guitar.

But a chance to fake play the drums? Now that’s a different story. I SUCK at playing real drums. Well, actually I suck at playing Rock Band drums too, but oh well. I am so glad I don’t own an XBox 360 or I’d have to go out and buy this game immediately.

I don’t know what the GTA IV hype is all about. Everyone is saying it’s the best game ever. It must be pretty damn good if this is coming from people who have played Rock Band.

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6 Replies to “Life Changing Event Today”

  1. Rock band is fun but it gets old fast. Car jacking, killing hookers, running from the cops doesn’t get old.

  2. Billymac…I think the last games I truly played to the point of addiction was South Park and 007. You know how long ago that was.

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