Another Why Not? Barcamp Knoxville

Why not? I don’t think that’s even the question we should be asking. I think the correct question is “when?”

How about June 28, 2008?

Facebook group open to anyone who’d like to participate or help organize. Out of towners, fill up now while gas is still cheap and get ready to come to Knoxville!


What is barcamp?

Tell me about Knoxville

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6 Replies to “Another Why Not? Barcamp Knoxville”

  1. thanks for taking the initiative here! a few of us have been talking about this idea for a couple of weeks now. one of the biggest questions is whether to try and do this when UT is not in session. I’m personally fine with doing the 1st one over the summer. I’m hoping to roll this idea up with the Coworking idea as well. Maybe trying to host it at a potential location.

  2. Sounds great Chad! I’m open to any date, and I’m definitely not trying to step on any toes here. I’m happy to join in at whatever point you guys have gotten to and help out any way I can. I’m a little behind on the conversation, but I’ll do my best to catch up!

    I like the idea of hosting at a potential coworking location! I was already thinking that it would be cool to have Alex do a presentation on the concept and share his vision of where coworking can go.

  3. Just some constructive feedback on your post. It would help a lot to include more detail in a post like this. For example, if I’m new to following you on Twitter and read your tweet about your new blog post, then click on it to read, I may have zero clue on what “Barcamp” is or where Knoxville is located. I’m curious but I may not have the time to go figure it out as I’m at work. As a reader, I’m left to wonder and assume that your posts will be similar and of minimal use to myself. In the end, it could reduce your readership. Just my two cents. Its actually the first time I tried reading one of your posts and perhaps this just happened to be the one with the least detail.
    See you on the Web,

    Benros Emata
    “when you know what exists, you know what does not exist” – miyamoto musashi

  4. Post updated for Benros…

    Sorry, I sometime for get about the “World” part in WWW.

    Most of my posts, unfortunately, aren’t so succinct. I hope you choose to come back soon.

    Feel free to buy a plane while you are here.

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