Chrome is Like QuickSilver So Far

Just downloaded Google’s new browser, Chrome.  Wow.  Super fast.  I can’t even type fast enough to keep up.  The only review I can give right now is “fast”.  Hopefully I’ll get some time later to give it a more thorough test drive.  Check back for updates.

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2 Replies to “Chrome is Like QuickSilver So Far”

  1. I like the ‘fast’ too … my FF3 has an issue with maxing out my CPU cycles like no one’s business. Right now, with 6 tabs open in Chrome (and 5 processes running in Task Manager), and PowerPoint and Word 2007 open, I am only using 20 – 35% CPU cycles.

    I like the resizable text entry boxes. See that? Down in the lower right corner of the comment box? Way cool!

    But I miss a few key FF extensions … Tab Mix Plus, Greasemonkey scripts, but those are mostly for my convenience. More usage will tell what all is really missing in that regard. I hope, with Chrome being Open Source, that there will be future development of plugins and extensions.

    So far, so good …

  2. @LissaKay Cool on the text boxes! I saw your tweet about that earlier but didn’t get a chance to try it until just now.

    Every tab in Chrome is a separate process, so the way it should work is that a slow process in one tab won’t affect the others. You could even crash a tab and not lose the whole browser–pretty nice.

    Like you, I can’t wait for extensions!

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