Great News Story–You Forgot Something

Silence pointed out a story in the Tennessean this morning about political bloggers in Tennessee. Newscoma points out something too.

Not a bad story but it amazes me that they didn’t link the bloggers they were talking about.

Come on ‘Coma…what part of “they don’t get it yet” don’t you understand?  Giving credit where it is due, the KNS is great about pointing out local bloggers when they mention them, and they have been for a long time.

I think that’s a pretty good strategy. Use your assets to become the center of the blogging community, and try not to alienate it.

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The Tennessean is very, very slow on the uptake. However, Silence has been preaching it for years.
Thank goodness.

Is the difference Tennessean/KNS, or is the difference Scripps/Gannet?

I think you just hit it on the head. Scripps wins on the one every time.

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