Not Even Local News

SVD has a pretty funny post over at KtownLowDown about “Local News“. Well what do I find featured in the KNS the very next day? A real scoop: Kenny Chesney Still Loves The Vols.

Look, I get it that offbeat stories are interesting. When somebody does something really stupid or odd, it’s going to attract interest. I even understand covering stories about scandalous nude photos or crazy sexual escapades. If nothing else, there’s some web traffic to be gained.

What I don’t understand is a front page (at least on their web site) story about which college football team has earned the allegiance of a singer.

Can anyone who would actually care one way or the other even read?

This isn’t even local news.

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6 Replies to “Not Even Local News”

  1. How many posts are there on this site about market this and market that? Maybe we can get us a good state run newspaper, you marxist pig.

    I’ll bet two of the biggest selling papers in Knoxville ever were the ones about the girl and her birthday party and the one with the comments the following week.

  2. How many posts are there on this site about market this and market that?

    LOL! Sort of my point–check out the comments on this story on KNS’s site–most of them are how ridiculous this story is…their market is telling them that they don’t want it.

    But maybe I should reform my thesis…how about this…nothing much newsworthy happens in Knoxville–one of the reasons I love living here.

    Maybe we can get us a good state run newspaper, you marxist pig.
    Why? It would be so much more cost effective to have FEMA employees just pose as journalist instead.

  3. Perhaps I am giving the local rag too much credit, but I would say their definition of a “successful” article is either the raw number of comments or the number of times the article was viewed. I doubt several unreasoned “How is this news” and other associated sarcastic comments drive their thought process.

    I would say half of the letters from the Sports Illustrated market say “this is not sports” and “cancel my subscription” for two straight weeks after the annual swimsuit issue.

    I clicked on three articles on their site over the past three days: Chesney article, the hispanic soccer article, and the teacher-sex article. I clicked on the first two exclusively to get a laugh out of the predictable comments and the last one to see if I knew the teacher.

  4. I’m more disappointed when Sports Illustrated talks about steroids and pro wrestling. Leave Golddust alone!

    Are you thinking of joining the soccer league?

  5. Hey! I posted a comment on that hispanic soccer article and I also went to Gallatin High (school of the most recent teacher sex scandal)!

    Unfortunately my comment was simply a kudos to the city parks and rec dept and not anything about INS or illegals and I went to Gallatin back when most of the teachers were little old ladies in beehive hairdos…

  6. At least in the soccer league, there’ll be no shortage of players, unlike other recreational leagues/sports that I am semi qualified to play in.

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