The necessary terms of service…

If you read this site, link to this site, quote this site, or print content from this site you’ve already agreed to these terms.

1. Content contained at www.itfrom.us and all of its subdirectories is copyrighted by Openside Solutions, Inc.

2. Most of the contents on www.itfrom.us are half-baked opinions and should not be taken as anything more than that. Anything you read and take as fact should be confirmed by another source.

3. Read this blog, cite this blog, and by all means LINK to this blog. Just comply with the these simple requests:

A. If you quote it, link back to the page you quoted and credit this site. Pretty simple.

B. Agree that you won’t sue www.itfrom.us or Openside Solutions, Inc. in any court for any reason.

4. Comments are encouraged at www.itfrom.us, but there are a few guidelines and policies:
A. We reserve the right to moderate all comments
B. We reserve the right to remove or edit any post for any reason
C. We assume no liability for content posted by readers
D. Comments that contain personal attacks, mean and hateful speech, racially offensive comments, and threats of physical violence will not be tolerated and will be removed as soon as they are found.
E. We reserve the right to remove direct links to sexually explicit material, including but not limited to sexually explicit photos and/or descriptions of sexual acts.
F. You are given the opportunity to provide a link to your site on our comment form. Don’t screw up by using the comment section to shamelessly promote your site by loading it up with a bunch of links. One or two are fine if they help make your point. Adding a lot of links puts your comment in danger of being deleted.
G. Though we reserve the right to edit and remove your comments, the thoughts and statements conveyed by your comments still belong to you. We are not legally responsible for ramifications of content posted by you as a third party.

5. In short, play nice here. We are all about free speech, but unfortunately for you this is a privately owned site, so that applies on this site at our discretion. Disagreements are fine, and even encouraged, but keep it civil and don’t be an ass. That’s my job.

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