Bank Robbery? Me?

Here’s something that doesn’t happen to you every day…

This morning on my way to work I passed an Alcoal police officer who quickly turned around and pulled me over.  I wasn’t speeding or doing anything else wrong, but oh well.  I rolled my window down and he motioned me out of the car.  He told me it was actually nothing, that there had been a bank robbery and that it obviously wasn’t me.  My plates and vehicle description were close to that of the suspect.

I told a co-worker about it as soon as I got in, and he forwarded a news email he’d received from WNOX‘s Dave Foulk.  The suspect was a female (obviously not me).  She was driving a silver VW Jetta (I drive a silver VW Golf), and the robbery happened at Northshore and Pellissippi (I’d driven by there moments before). 

Good job by the Alcoa police for a well-executed stop.  I think the officer was smart to pull me over.  Volkswagens look pretty much the same from the front, so a silver VW was a good reason for him to turn around and check it out.   The possibility also existed that a witness had seen a Golf, but thought it was a Jetta.  Additionally, the two of the last three digits of my plates matched that of the suspect.

Most importantly, he quickly realized I’d done nothing wrong, explained the situation, and told me to have a good day.  I wish all traffic stops were handled that well.


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