What if We Payed Taxes All at Once?

I’ve been reading lots of articles today that are run every year at this time about “giving the government an interest free loan”, getting a refund, filing early if there is a refund, filing at the end if there isn’t, etc.

I wonder if there would be more of a public outcry over taxes if we had to pay a single bill at the end of the year.  It is pretty sneaky that the gov’ment takes taxes out of your check at every pay period.  Most people never miss it.  But what if we had to write a check out each April for $20,000 or so?  I bet people would notice then.

It’s funny how some people even go beyond the “convenience” of paying each pay period.  They make sure that they pay more so that they can get a refund at the end of the year…sort of like a negative interest savings account.  How sad is it that we, collectively, don’t have the discipline to save and are willing to pay the gov’ment to do it for us?

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One Reply to “What if We Payed Taxes All at Once?”

  1. Here’s an even better idea…

    Each taxpayer must go to the post office on April 15th and pay their taxes with five dollar bills.

    That might get your attention as to how much the MAN is getting each year.

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