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Barbie Cummings Misses Court

All she had to do was show up and her ticket would have been dismissed. Now she’ll have to pay it. 🙁 Since her old site has been taken down, she has a temporary blog. According to that, she’s been pretty busy lately, traveling to the West Coast for some business engagements and even getting […]

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Tim Hutchison De-certified

We’ll see how it pans out, but for now this is good news. At least Hutchison and company didn’t insult the intelligence of the citizens of Knox County by sneaking around to get the maximum pension for him in a sneaky, clever way. Nope. They made it obvious, right in front of our faces. The […]

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My Newest Feed — MyBootsNMe

Although I encourage EVERYONE to subscribe to my RSS feed (it’s free after all), I’m generally pretty picky when choosing to subscribe to a blog. Yesterday was an exception. I came across MyBootsNMe and browsed a little. I was pretty impressed and subscribed immediately. Great photos, great writing, and a pleasure to read. Check it […]

Vince McMahon on Today

I saw Vince’s interview with Meredith Viera at the gym this morning. She pretty much grilled him about the Chris Benoit tragedy. Vince did his part and (correctly) portrayed Benoit as a monster, but it doesn’t seem like the media is going to let this steroid angle go. The seem pretty set on making this […]

Fred Thompson Hits the Nail on the Head, Well Almost

Tennessee is just plain ecstatic about Fred Thompson’s run at the White House, which baffles me. I’ve never understood why is is so easy for a candidate to win his home state (except for Al Gore) no matter what they say or think. However, in today’s New Sentinel, Fred Thompson defends his job as a […]

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Benoit Details Getting More Bizzare

Aside from the fact that Benoit apparently strangled his wife one day, suffocated his son the next, and hung himself as long as a day later, the rumors I’m hearing are even more strange. I’ve heard that the text messages he sent his friends in the WWE involved letting the police know how to get […]

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Memo to Dick Cheney:

You aren’t Hillary Clinton. Stop trying to take on the roll of the First Lady, and act like the Vice President. Ever think you’d long for the days of Dan Quayle being the President’s go to guy? Seriously, this is pretty disturbing, but it’s even more disturbing to me that Hillary pushed agenda this way […]

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Fairness on Talk Radio

Diane Feinstein is “looking at” pushing the fairness doctrine for talk radio broad casters in the United States. The conversation was brought about mostly by the public outcry over the proposed immigration bill that has been getting slammed on talk radio, which is by and large right leaning. For the record, I’m hardly a fan […]

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More On Benoit Deaths

I just finished watching the tribute on RAW and logged on to see if there were any updates. The AP is reporting that the incident is being treated as a murder/suicide. That is truly shocking. The station said that investigators believe the 40-year-old Benoit killed his wife, Nancy, and 7-year-old son, Daniel, over the weekend, […]

Chris Benoit and Family Found Dead

I was unbelievably shocked just now to read that The Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit and his wife and son were found dead in their Atlanta home. released the news today, not mentioning it at the pay per view last night. I’ve always loved telling people my story about The Rabid Wolverine. I ran into […]