Indecent Exposure in Tyson Park

So they are arresting people for this?

Luckily for many readers of this blog, they have never been nude in the vicinity of Tyson Park. Furthermore, I do not have first hand knowledge or photographic evidence of this behavior that didn’t occur. Even if I did, I’d never hold it over their heads in order to get free meals or enlarge the photographs in order to embarrass them in a bar full of people.

Seriously, there is a little more to this story than WBIR is reporting. I’d wager that the young man in question was not skinny-wading in the polluted waters of Third Creek.

He was probably minding his own business in his vehicle, which was backed into a parking spot.

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  1. Yeah I’m glad that I never had a friend that worked at Kinko’s and access to one of those said photos and made a poster out of it and never displayed it at a local watering hole and I am really glad my new wife didn’t see it….therefore I didn’t have to spend an hour explaining the photo…since it never happened.

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