Authenticity and Blogging Freedom

Steve Pavlina has a cool article on one reason blogging is more liberating than writing for a newspaper or magazine. It basically comes down to having the freedom to be authentic.

Authenticity means being real and genuine when you communicate. Let truth be your guiding principle. This is the natural style of communication we might use when talking to a best friend.

My friends that read this blog can hopefully confirm that I’m actually this abrasive in real life, if not more. I smell a lot better online though, I can promise you that.

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3 Replies to “Authenticity and Blogging Freedom”

  1. I will attest to that…meeting him in person is like going down a ‘Slip & Slide’, except there’s no water, no plastic…just bare skin and #40 grit sandpaper.

  2. Wow, thanks guys. This was supposed to be the time where you commented something like, “oh, he’s really not that much of a jerk…he just has a very biting sense of humor.”

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