I Hope Southwest Rethinks Their Policies

If they insist on continuing to refuse service to attractive chicks I’ll have to adjust my travel strategies.

Not that I really care about their stupid policy–they should be free to turn away whatever business they wish. But I’ll definitely think twice about driving all the way to Nashville to jump on a Southwest flight. I’m safe with my ugly ass friends, but traveling with the missus is risky because of her high level of hottivity.

If Southwest sincerely wants to go after the hot not market, they need to find the right celebrity spokespeople. Maybe Bea Arthur or Rosie?

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Bless her heart….

She goes on the Today Show to be the victim and ends up flashing her panties to 5M viewers.

Did you Tivo it?

No need. It is all over the internet. Just Google the poor girls name and you’ll see…

Uh, thanks? I never would’ve thought to look there. 😛

Captain Obvious, reporting for duty…

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