Paris Is Smarter Than Both of You Bitches

It’s funny, because it’s true. Unfortunately, she’s not 35. I don’t think she graduated high school either, but the Constitution doesn’t stipulate that. She reads copy just as well as Obama does.

About Yesterday…

Newscoma has an interesting post this morning about the three big stories yesterday–the economy, Thompson exiting the Presidential race, and Heath Ledger’s death–and how they were covered by the media. In rooting around the Internet yesterday, as I was a blogging fool for about five different websites, the most response I saw about all of the […]

Ike Turner — R.I.P.

What can be said about him that hasn’t already been said by Ice Cube? When I was little I didn’t wanna be like Mike I wanted to be like Ike, cause Papa Was A Rolling Stone in the sixties And he liked green like Bill Bixby Told me that my best friend was a ten […]

In The Nashville Know

MCB is linking up to Jared’s post on things you should know about living in Nashville.  I’m not from Nashville proper, but from “out in the county”.  I have a few that need to be added to help the newcomer get by.  Nashville folks, please don’t take these personally…it’s all in good fun. 1.  Never, […]

The Poll is Off — Evel Knievel Dead

My latest poll allowed readers to choose Evel Knievel as the biggest jerk, and now I feel really bad about it. Evel Knievel died today at the age of 69. A sad day. Over his career, Knievel was said to have broken practically every bone in his body — some multiple times. With his red-white-and-blue […]

Offending Every Garden Tool

 Australian Santas can’t say “ho ho ho” anymore. Sydney’s Santa Clauses have instead been instructed to say “ha ha ha” instead, the Daily Telegraph reported. This is more than a free speech issue.  It’s borderline thought police.  It someone may think that the word “ho” means “whore”, it can’t be said.  It reminds me of a few years ago […]

So That’s Why I’m All Itchy

Headline at Naked Angelina Jolie pics responsible for 80% of viruses All other viruses have been credited to Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Tara Reid, and this guy:

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But He’s Soooo Charismatic

George Will has 17 questions for Barack Obama. Fifteen of ’em are damn good ‘uns. I don’t understand the other two–Will is that much smarter than me. And I’m so sick of hearing how great Obama would be as President because of his incredible charisma. Using that argument, David Lee Roth could have easily taken […]

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A Reg’lar Ol’ Nashvillian

GingerSnaps has a pretty interesting post over at MCB about the way famous people are treated in Nashville–basically just like everybody else. I grew up there, and I have to say it’s pretty true. Most people in Nashville just don’t care that much about seeing someone famous. It happens often enough that you become a […]

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The Sunny Side of O.J. Simpson

As ridiculous as it is that this robbery case is considered newsworthy by anyone, let’s look on the bright side. At least we didn’t have to suffer though the original O.J. case being covered by the blogosphere. It’s bad enough that so many ridiculous news analysis shows were launched by this case. Seriously, would anybody […]