Cliff and Claire Huxtable Would Be Proud

In last week’s poll I asked readers to choose which Cosby kid they think they are most like. 33% chose Theo. 25% chose Rudy, and another 25% chose Denise. Sondra and Vanessa got 8% each.

I’m sure Theo won the poll mostly because he was the only male choice. He doesn’t really have much else to make you want to be like him. I mean, he wasn’t very smart, he was P-whipped by Justine, and his best friend’s name was Boner. Wait, that was Mike Seaver from Growing Pains. Anyway, I’m not surprised Theo won.

Sondra and Vanessa? I don’t get why anyone would vote for them. Lame-o McFlame-o. Vanessa was super whiny, and Sondra, while very smart, was married to that putz Elvin.

I can see why Denise did well. She’s a free spirit, and I’m down with that. She’s also the prettiest of the four girls, and was responsible for the whole family getting to meet Stevie Wonder. Definitely fun to hang out with, but still not my choice.

I chose Rudy. Cute and funny. What more could you ask for?

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3 Replies to “Cliff and Claire Huxtable Would Be Proud”

  1. For the record, Theo’s friend was Cockroach.
    Even though I know that, I am surprised by the encyclopedic knowledge you have of the family Huxtable. Let’s get you on a game show. I’ll be your cut-man on Jeopardy.
    I chose Denise. She is pretty cheesy, but she looked like she was up for a good time and at this point, she has aged better than the rest of them. Plus I like that she was cut off from the rest of the family after the soft-core porn phase of her career.

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