Ron Paul’s Supporters Are Pretty Witty To Boot

From the Wall Street Journal, Ron Paul’s supporters give some hilarious answers when disclosing their employers.

Paul’s third-quarter financial disclosure report is sprinkled with supporters whose self-descriptions of their occupations are unusual, to say the least. Wade Talkington of Panama City, Fla., who donated $1,000 to Paul, lists his occupation as “tax slave to the Federal Govt.” Erik Hovden of Olalla, Wash., is the “Head slacker in Chg” at Simpson LLC, and housewife Pamela Schuberg of Moorpark, Calif., a $2,300 donor, lists her employer as “our children.”

I really like this. I think I’ll list my employer as “DROP TABLE Employer;” Just to see if the gov’ment code monkeys are on their toes.

Sorry. Nerd joke.

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One Reply to “Ron Paul’s Supporters Are Pretty Witty To Boot”

  1. I like the way that you talk (sorry, Billy Bob). I wonder if people who know and use SQL are naturally attracted to Libertarians. Maybe it’s because we like to keep it simple and it’s hard to slide ambiguity or bullshit by a compiler (or interpreter). I spent 10 frustrating years on a small town’s school board. I appreciate your thoughts on education.

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