We Co-Sleep, But Don’t Want to Argue About It

Over at Music City Bloggers there is a post about co-sleeping that thankfully hasn’t erupted into a full-on war over what is right and what isn’t.

We co-sleep with our four month old, and I think it’s great.  Of course, nursing, kicking, crying, grunting, cats, and trains don’t wake me up, so not a problem for me either way.  :)   The biggest advantage I’ve noticed so far is that the baby actually likes bedtime.  Hopefully this will carry over into toddlership.  The other advantage is that we get to spend as much time as possible with her while she still likes us.

However, that doesn’t make it right (or wrong).  Honestly, I don’t understand why people get so militant about this kind of stuff to begin with–breast feeding, co-sleeping, etc.  Do what works for you and your kids.  We’ll do what works for us.  It seems like most people spend their entire parenthood in survival mode, so I’m not sure what qualifies them to give advice or direction.  Or as I so tactfully put it on a message board a few years ago…

You worry about screwing up your kids, and I’ll worry about screwing up mine. 

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5 Replies to “We Co-Sleep, But Don’t Want to Argue About It”

  1. “You worry about screwing up your kids, and I’ll worry about screwing up mine.”

    Amen…and I’m sure that we will both excel at the aforementioned.

  2. Agreed… of course I would never EVER do it personally, I’m way too wierd about stuff like that. But do what-ever works for you, I hate it when people get all preachy about stuff like this.

  3. You know by know that each kid, from infancy on up, is a completely unique individual with a unique personality and free-will. You can’t control kids, but you can try to manage them. All you can do is call it as you see it.

  4. I have never heard of co-sleeping. But I did sleep with each of my kids and still do when one bumbles in in the middle of the night and we are too tired to put (or order) them back to bed. Those damn terms these child psychologists and what not make up are incendiary to begin with and make me want to smack someone regardless of my thoughts on the matter (which are rightfully none).

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