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Why and How Ron Paul Will Run Third Party

Justin at Donklephant criticizes him for staying in the Republican race, but I don’t think he sees the full picture. But no, keep chasing a GOP nomination that you have no hopes of winning. Throw good money at a losing cause. Good luck with that. If I were Ron Paul, I’d be thinking just the […]

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I’ve Put Off Early Voting as Long as Possible

Time to take a deep breath and hold it as long as possible. voting booth =  dutch oven

CNN Debates at Reagan Library

This was basically a sham.  We got, literally, 10 minutes of McCain and Romney arguing over semantics.  Whether or not Romney used the word “timetable” as a reference to troop withdrawel or a reference to milestones.  Is that really what the debate is about? I could have sworn I was watching two high school girls […]

McCain v. Hilly

Looks like a done deal, which really scares me. I’ve had to hold my nose and vote Republican several times when I didn’t really want to.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it this time.  Either way, I’d essentially be voting for Democrat. But maybe this is a good thing.  Maybe people will finally […]

And I Ain’t Lost Yet

Billymac just got back from Vegas, and it sounds like he did pretty well at the poker tables. I’ve known and loved Billymac for years, and this is one reason why… I like… no, I LOVE, taking money from punk-ass kids that show up to a poker room wearing a track-suit, pulled down hat, wrap […]

My Time Off The Grid

When I go off, I go waaaaaay off. Very light blogging the last few days, but I’ve written a ton of code. All of it is really good, functionally, but nothing I’m prepared to share with the world. See, I have a tendency to get pretty sloppy with my programming unless I know exactly where […]

Mitt Makes Me Giggle

When asked about catastrophic insurance for people in Florida, he said he supports some sort of national fund to make sure folks can get insured.  He had to deal with a similar topic in Massachusetts.  Paraphrasing here… ” Those poor snowbirds who come to Florida from Massachusetts for the winter have get hit both ways.” […]

Logical Conclusion of the Stimulus Package

Democrats and Republicans finally agree on something–giving people the power to spend their own money is good for the economy. It has to make you wonder–how good would the economy be if they’d just let us keep it in the first place? Of course, then we wouldn’t need them to take it, pass it around, […]

About Yesterday…

Newscoma has an interesting post this morning about the three big stories yesterday–the economy, Thompson exiting the Presidential race, and Heath Ledger’s death–and how they were covered by the media. In rooting around the Internet yesterday, as I was a blogging fool for about five different websites, the most response I saw about all of the […]

The Perfectly Aged Kindergartener

In yet another move that is sure to greatly improve the life of every citizen, the Tennessee legislature is pondering whether or not to change the cutoff date that determines when children can attend kindergarten. Makes sense to me.  Who better than a group of politicians to decide when your kid is ready for school? […]