Sun Buys MySQL

I don’t write about tech stuff here too often, but since this blog, and most likely yours*, is backended by MySQL, it’s relevant. MySQL’s business model works like this–it’s free (as in beer) to use, but enterprise level users do pay the company for support. That’s what makes it so great for the web. People can back end blogs, content management systems, bulletin boards, and just about anything else they can imagine using freely available open-source tools. In fact, there’s even an acronym for the most commonly used tools working together (LAMP–Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). For the end user, more than likely nothing will change.

So why does it matter to us that Sun now owns it? Because the fact that Sun owns it means that Google, Microsoft, and Oracle don’t own it.


*HM, I know you do your own blog engining…mad props.

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2 Replies to “Sun Buys MySQL”

  1. Thanks for the scoop, I hadn’t heard this, I’ve used MySql many times over the years and am piloting an enterprise project with it at work. I agree with your assessment, while I’m not all that pleased to have it bought by anybody, SUN is lesser of many evils.

  2. Yeah, you nailed me. I absolutely use and love those Linux goodies. As long as they don’t take them away or charge me, I’m OK with it. I appreciate the update since I don’t follow the tech news much anymore.

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