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I Would LOVE to RTFM

So I’m working on a project for my job job (I’m not quite able to support a family on blogging–yet), and have been wrestling with a biggish enterprise software package.  As you’d expect, there’s quite a bit of convolution to it–things like hundreds of database tables with nondescript names like T001, T0043, H3222, etc.  (Was […]

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AdSense Money Available On Your Feed

This isn’t much of a surprise…it was pretty obvious that the very reason Google bought Feedburner in the first place was so they could roll AdSense into it. And no complaints here either–to their credit, Google immediately made all of the “pro” features of Feedburner available for free as soon as they took ownership. These […]

Microsoft To Pay People To Search

Here are the basics of how the program is structured: Use Microsoft Live Search to find whatever it is you are looking for, buy it, and a percentage of the price is put into your account.  When your account hits $5 they put the money into your PayPal account. Here’s why it won’t work: You […]

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Firefox 3 Running Well

I’ve been using the beta 5 version of Firefox 3 all day today, and I must say that I can tell a pretty big difference in speed between it and Firefox 2.x.  I always suspected knew there were (a few hundred) memory leaks somewhere in Firefox 2, but I’m still not sure if most of […]

Why I Give Full Articles in My Feed

With apologies to those who come here only for the ranting… I have a plan to do a whole series of articles on search engine optimization (SEO) for bloggers. While the topic of full vs. partial feeds may not be directly related to SEO at first glance, I feel that it is in a round […]

Yeah, What He Said

The other day I posted a meandering attempt at not ranting about information technology and the manufacturing sector. Today, Seth Godin wrote a post about basically the same thing. The difference is, his post actually makes some sense. Talent is too smart to stay long at a company that wants it to be a cog […]

Yahoo! With a Huge Web Hosting Announcement

The other day I mentioned Microsoft’s bid to buy Yahoo! Today, Yahoo! made a pretty interesting announcement…Yahoo! Web Hosting now provides UNLIMITED disk space and UNLIMITED bandwidth for less than $12. That means that those videos you’ve been uploading to YouTube (owned by Google) because they are big and take up bandwidth can now be […]

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Microsoft to Buy Yahoo!?

From the WSJ: The offer, $31 a share in cash and stock, is a 62% premium to Thursday’s closing price. Microsoft said Yahoo holders would be able to trade their shares for cash or 0.9509 Microsoft shares a piece, with no more than half of the overall purchase price paid in cash. Seems too good […]

Sun Buys MySQL

I don’t write about tech stuff here too often, but since this blog, and most likely yours*, is backended by MySQL, it’s relevant. MySQL’s business model works like this–it’s free (as in beer) to use, but enterprise level users do pay the company for support. That’s what makes it so great for the web. People […]

“Died In A Blogging Accident”

At one time it was the 6th most searched for term on Google today…now it’s fallen like a stone down to 54th.  All because of this cartoon.   I told you guys XKCD rocks!  Hat tip to Jacob the Newbie, who still hasn’t started a blog or else I’d have linked to him.