AdSense Money Available On Your Feed

This isn’t much of a surprise…it was pretty obvious that the very reason Google bought Feedburner in the first place was so they could roll AdSense into it. And no complaints here either–to their credit, Google immediately made all of the “pro” features of Feedburner available for free as soon as they took ownership. These features are plenty valuable, and I’m happy to have them.

MoneyI’d expect the number of publishers enrolled in the AdSense program to go up (Go here to
). It’s still the easiest way (ok, maybe second easiest way) for small publishers to monetize. And including ads in a feed is even easier than displaying them on your site–no need to add code in the right place or worry about placement and layout, which is the “art” in displaying ads directly in the template. Feedburner is a great way to start playing with AdSense if you’ve never used it and were curious.

The downside? I don’t really see one. The ads are optional. It’s totally up to the feed owner as to whether or not to serve ads. It doesn’t cost anything to display the ads, and while you may not get rich, you may at least make enough change to pay for gas beer hosting. I am a little surprised it took Google so long to integrate AdSense. Then again, they still haven’t fixed the problem with reporting subscribers that shows up every month or so and makes everyone freak out.

So…why aren’t you seeing ads in this feed? I decided a while back that I was going to keep my feed ad free as sort of a “thanks” to the people who subscribe. In that vein, I’ve also made some changes on the actual site layout to make the site a little more friendly to returning visitors by eliminating one of the ad components in the sidebar and eliminating the ad at the end of each post.

That move isn’t entirely unselfish, as I’ve also added a “related posts” component that will hopefully make the site a little more sticky and get more traffic for older posts. Hopefully I’ll be paid off there, as each post older than 7 days now has an ad component at its beginning.

My other idea is to add a “donate” button. That way people who were just about to comment that I should eliminate all ads (you know who you are) could just give me money and feel like they really deserved ad free content.

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