Great Idea #2234

OK, since my last idea was universally shot down and stolen, here’s another one…

The Meet Market
The Meet Market is a grocery store whose target demographic is young singles. Since mostly single people would be shopping there, it would be a great place to meet people, sort of like a meat market, but instead it’s The Meet Market. Get it, Meet Market? Yeah, I figured you probably got it the first time.

Everything in the store is packaged for single people. Eggs only come in half-dozen cartons, the largest container of milk is the half gallon, and bread comes in half loaves. Why don’t they sell bread in half loaves by the way? As far as condiments go, The Meet Market wouldn’t sell them in bottles, only little individual packs of mustard and ketchup like you get at Chic-Fil-A.

The only item that you can buy in bulk at The Meet Market is beer. In general, beer is the only thing that single people buy and consume at a greater rate than married people with kids. Married people go straight for the hard liquor.

Maybe large jars of spaghetti sauce could be sold as well? What do you guys think? Want to show me all the holes in this idea too?

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6 Replies to “Great Idea #2234”

  1. Thanks for the support Lochshen. Problem is, there was no election a couple of years ago, and I was not 35 years old yet.

    I appreciate your support just the same. 😛

  2. I like the idea, but I’m hardly your target demographic. Maybe I could just browse the store once in a while. How about taking your basic Borders with coffee shop and shrinking it a little. With the extra space, the Meet Market would be a perfect add-in. Maybe even put in a couple of beds like the Temple in Texas.

  3. HM, I think guys like you (and me?) are supposed to sit out in the parking lot in our K-cars with the windows halfway up wearing dark glasses and denim jackets.

    Perhaps we could blast a mix tape with KISS’s “I Was Made For Loving You Baby” through our crappy stereo?

  4. What information would I have to provide for my ValueCard? “I like hiking, fishing, and long walks on the beach”. Or would you skip that and go straight to ‘favorite position’?

  5. ValueCard? You don’t get a ValueCard!

    You pay a premium to shop at this store. All of your information is provided on your application for a license to shop at this store.

    And I doubt anyone cares if you prefer line judge over head referee.

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