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Those Nutty Libertarians err Democrats

Enjoy. [youtube KACQuZVAE3s]

This Would Be Real Election Fun

In the last few hours, I’ve become a big fan of what Hillary Clinton is trying to do.  In fact, I’d like to see her continue her campaign all the way through the general election.  Think about how much fun we’d have with this unlikely scenario… HC leaves the Democratic Party and runs as an […]

Gas Prices Aren’t Too High

That got your attention, huh? As evidence I submit my venture to Sundown in the City on Thursday.  Sundown in the City is a series of outdoor concerts put on each summer in Market Square.  There’s no charge for admission, and they draw insane crowds.  I haven’t been to Sundown in the City in a […]

Is There Any Choice Other Than The Free Market?

I’ll take any motherfucker’s money if they’re giving it away.” –Clay Davis One of the biggest arguments I read against allowing the market to solve problems like health care and fuel costs is that the market simply can’t do it. Why not? The argument goes that these businesses, along with the pharmaceutical companies, are basically […]

Libertarian Party Agenda–Keep Hillary Clinton Out of Office

The “party of principle” compromised its principles over the weekend in some people’s eyes by choosing Bob Barr as its Presidential nominee. You may ask why that matters since they don’t have a legitimate shot of winning anyway. Well, to hard liners like Christine Smith, the Libertarian Party is just a shell of itself and […]

BeeFeR and Mensa

Using a little play off of BeeFeR here to introduce a new character.  We’ll call him Mensa, just because he’s arguably the smartest of this bunch. Mensa Episode #1 by sadcox

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Hip Hop

The sad thing is, this isn’t really hip hop, and that’s at least one side of the point of this clip. As the “rapper” states at the beginning of the song, there’s no way to go platinum doing songs with hooks and concepts. I was listening to the Old School Rap channel on cable the […]

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BeeFeR Episode #2

The best thing about all of these toons is that they all really happened. BeeFeR in Sin City by sadcox

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Libertarian Party Convention

So I just got a chance to watch last night’s Libertarian Presidential candidates’ debate and the candidates speeches leading up to the nomination, and I gotta tell ya–not that excited about Bob Barr as the nominee.  I’m sure he’ll get more votes than most of the other candidates could have, but I’m not sure that […]

Bidding for Ron Paul’s Donor List

David Weigel was on C-SPAN tonight talking about the Libertarian Party convention, and he brought up something that’s pretty interesting regarding Ron Paul’s donor list.  That’s a pretty valuable list.  It’s very long, and made up of people who are willing to donate money for a political cause–enough money to cause a problem for somebody, […]