Your Mom Gave Me Her Number

Kids TattooSVD has made a great find. No need to keep up with your kid anymore, just give them some ink and you’re done.  I can already see where this is headed–kids running wild in zoos, amusement parks, shopping malls, and strip clubs.   Wait, I meant shopping clubs and strip malls…sorry.  Meanwhile their moms will all be sitting on park benches reading books or taking naps on cots waiting for their cell phone to ring and tell them their kids have broken something–again.

You know, parenting gets easier and easier every day. Who knows, maybe one day, when someone develops the technology, there will be a box you can put your kids in front of that will hold their attention for hours on end.

One less thing to worry about, ya know?

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3 Replies to “Your Mom Gave Me Her Number”

  1. Let’s look beyond the kid style applications. If we were to . . .I don’t know. . . order 30 tats in one unlucky sole’s phone number, (perhaps a possible bet loser prior a rugby road trip) the one unlucky person who might be put in charge of rounding up the drunken rabble that embodies a rugby team. It could save countless hours waiting for call backs from emergency rooms and police station holding cells city wide, what a priceless service. “What?? you say he’s passed out in a fountain with a Tiki,. . in a fountain. . . . in Fond Du Lac! I’ll be right there! Thanks Safety Tat!!”

  2. i’m still waiting for the v-chip they put into cartman… my boy will need it soon, he’s starting to talk, it’s only a matter of time before he starts to swear like a sailor (his mom’s influence of course!)…

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