Baby Poop That Is–The Worst Kind

A few years ago one of my friends was waiting on his wife to get ready for a Christmas party we were both attending and, undoubtedly, enjoying a few cool beverages. He passed the time by putting together a mix CD for me. I never told anybody about all the beautiful love songs he included on it and how touched I was by it, but I’ve played the CD full of badass country songs he also made for me that night for anyone who will listen.

I was just joking about the CD full of love songs.

He put a couple of John Prine songs on the badass country CD. Newscoma posted a video of one of these songs because it makes her happy. Here’s the other one…

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2 Replies to “Baby Poop That Is–The Worst Kind”

  1. Great song, though I feel a little guilty for liking it. Similar to how I have always felt on Highway to Hell.

  2. TCH, don’t tell me you think this is blasphemous. He says it right in the song that Jesus was a good guy.

    I don’t get the people laughing at the lines though. I never took this song as trying to poke fun. I always thought it was about how Jesus was a regular ol’ guy until he discovered who he was.

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