How AYSO Is Destroying This Country


Hooray!!!  Everyone Loses!!!

Hooray!!! Everyone Loses!!!

Ever been to a youth soccer match and watched the cute little 5 year olds running around randomly kicking the ball towards an unattended goal?  Did you think it was great that they weren’t keeping score in the game, letting everyone come out feeling like a winner and basking in the experience of the thrill of competition exhibition?


Unfortunately these kids grow up to work on Wall Street, where apparently no one loses anymore.  Wall Street is loaded with winners this week, well at least in the last two days.  Meanwhile, taxpayers are gobbling up businesses as if we’re a collective Warren Buffet.  Well, except for the fact that Warren Buffet buys businesses that make money and have strong management.  All the businesses we’re buying suck.

When you and I make bad decisions, we’re forced to deal with the consequences.  The only exception is if that bad decision somehow affects Wall Street.

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i’m awestruck at how our idiot government is rewarding these incompetent and greedy corporations for making unbelievably bad decisions. are there no repercussions anymore?


You know what’s even worse? No oversight. Congress isn’t doing this, the President isn’t doing this, the judicial system isn’t doing this. It’s the Fed, basically acting autonomously.

As I said on Twitter this morning…this is no longer the country we inherited from our grandparents.

Wall Street should be lined with the hanging, rotting corpses of the assholes who caused this problem. That’s the kind of Old School stuff we should return to.

I thought we wouldn’t get socialism until Obama ?!?
Hypocritical media…..

@Hungry Mother those guys have all been sent packing with a briefcase full of money. They’re all probably lining up right now for positions in the McBama/OCain cabinet.

@JCowan I guess Christmas came early this year, huh? Free everything for everybody! Just send the bill to, uh…

Screw it, let’s just print some more money!

Thank you for identifying the root cause and rosy reality check.

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