When’s the Damn Future Gonna Get Here?!


The Future is Gone

The Future is Gone

Back in my mall ratting days (18 or 19 years ago), I was in awe of the guy who worked at Dippin’ Dots.  I mean, it’s the Ice Cream of the Future, and this guy gets to work around it all day..IN THE PRESENT!

I was at the mall today, and I think I saw the same guy working there.  Now I feel bad for him.  The future has passed him by.  

Now, will someone please tell Dippin’ Dots that the ice cream revolution they’ve been waiting for probably isn’t going to happen?  Even those of us who bought into their radical new ideas of frozen dessert anarchy (let’s call it what it is) have grown up and given in to Marble Slab and Cold Stone’s traditional style ice cream.  Sorry, those mixins are just irresistible.

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In 1988, my wife and I had the bright idea of buying a frozen dessert franchise for Cape May. Thank God we couldn’t afford it.

who are you kidding… i think i saw you in acid wash jeans the other day trolling the malls with a bandanna tied around your leg.

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